The longer you wait, the further you’re getting from your goal. Make the commitment. We'll be your partner every step (or pedal rotation) of the way. Book a single class or package now! (launched in seperate window)

How does it work?

There's strength in numbers. Add fuel to your workout in a group environment.

  • Determine which bike you will bring (Tri, Mountain, Road, CX, etc.)
  • Determine what sensors to bring - heart rate monitor strongly recommended, speed and power meters are NOT necessary and will be provided.
  • 9 speed or less will require a wheel based trainer
  • Component brands other than Shimano and SRAM will require a wheel based trainer
  • Sign up for a class and create a profile (click here)
  • Pick your trainer type during sign up (cassette based or wheel based subject to availability)
  • Bring your bike, hydration, and fuel. Towels and/or bike thong is recommended
  • Drive to IOS Cary and come in!
  • Arrive 15 minutes early for setup if possible
  • First timers arrive 30 minutes early for ANT device sync, age/weight/FTP profile setup, and cloud services integration.
  • Warm up
  • Enjoy the class
  • Results will be immediately emailed to you in a fit file and any cloud-based tracking services (such as Strava and Training Peaks) will upload automatically

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​We can schedule individual FTP tests, threshold tests, and bike fit tests. You can also rent the entire studio for your team or trainees. Please contact us for a custom appointment.

What to bring for the best experience

Bike (10 or 11 speed shimano or sram)

Heart Rate Monitor

If using wheel based trainer, you should consider a trainer tire (not required). 

Cadence Sensor (independent or built into power meter)

Bike Thong


​If you currently do not own a trainer tire, bike thong, heart rate monitor, or cadence sensor, you can purchase one or any other accessory at Inside Out Sports.

What is in a class / session?

We offer group training series with specific training goals in mind throughout the week, and special ride and race events on weekends. You can sign up for individual classes or sign up for a training series or in bulk to receive a discount. 

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