Intercyclo Privacy Policy

Intercyclo takes your privacy very seriously. Please read the following paragraphs closely to ensure we protect your data in a way that you feel comfortable doing business with us!

Intercyclo will do its best to not post your photograph or share your photograph, where your face is easily discernable, electronically, on social media, or any other means by which it can be easily shared on the internet, unless your permission to do so has been expressly granted either verbally or in writing. If you see your likeness on any media distributed by Intercyclo that is not acceptable to your personal preference for any reason, please notify us as soon as possible to remove your likeness. Intercyclo is not responsible for third parties sharing your likeness in social media during any event, session, or class Intercyclo has hosted. 

Intercyclo does not collect or attempt to collect credit card information, PHI (personal health information). All credit cards and PayPal transactions are performed using a third party gateway that is PCI-DSS compliant and uses SSL encryption. Because Intercyclo uses a third party payment processor, no credit card information or PayPal information is stored, nor any of your credit card payment information or PayPal account information be viewed.

Intercyclo may, at your request, link session information and statistics to any of the following cloud accounts:

MapMyFitness / MapMyRide
Training Peaks

Intercyclo securely stores the following data on password-protected and encrypted storage located on-premise, but does not share or distribute it to any third parties except for the purposes of data backup:

Functional Threshold Power (FTP)
Maximum Heart Rate (MHR)
Bicycle Weight
In-session Performance Data (such as virtual miles ridden, recorded power output, cadence, heart rate data)
Cloud link account information (such as Strava, RideWithGPS)

Intercyclo will use your email address and / or phone number to contact you about upcoming events, changes in events, billing information, session results, class results, and general information concerning your interaction and business with Intercyclo. Intercyclo will not share your email address and phone number with any third parties, advertising agency, or search engines with the exception for outstanding debt collection purposes.